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Fields Far Away is our current film project under development. This website will facilitate many of our artistic and promotional objectives as this film prgresses including:

Educational Archive - We desire to share our experience with visitors who may be considering their first film production. We hope that we can offer insights from our own experience and development process; what went right, what went wrong, why we chose to go certain directions, and what outcomes these decisions have produced. Many of these topics will be featured in the "success tips" link (coming soon).

Community - Our forums are designed to provide a foundation for inspired conversation between visitors and artists. We welcome critical feedback of our film, and also encourage discussions on production topics such as, screen writing, equipment, editing, post production, etc.

Fund Raising - As most creative aspirations require financing, we also plan the continued use of this website as a vehicle for fundraising. Creatively designed with an emphasis on benefits given back to our contributors, we hope you will find our offerings a unique opportunity to both serve you and help us move our production goals forward. We encourage you to become a participant in helping bring hope filled visions like Fields Far Away to the movie screen.

Thanks so much for lending us your eyes and ears - enjoy!
Tyler, Jonathan, and Jeff

Now Showing - Pre-Post Screening Cut
Sword Offer - Post Production Fund Raising

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Viewer Feedback and pre post screening
Notes on Scoring this film by Jon Timpe
Fields Far Away Sound track available

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Production Equipment Planning
Post Production - Do it yourself or Go Pro?
Deciding Digital V. S. Film

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